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Currently, the trucking industry is seeing an average truck driver turnover rate of 71 percent. Not only that, but we are also seeing a huge driver shortage that may only worsen over the next several years. As a carrier, it is more important than ever to gain a smart, competitive edge over your competition when it comes to finding, hiring and retaining quality drivers. We know how to create that edge for you.

We are Right Turn Recruiting, a professional truck driver recruitment agency. Located in Minnesota, we serve carriers across the United States, and place truckers in local, regional and OTR driving positions. We have worked with some of the biggest and best carriers in the industry. If you’d like to join this reputable company, we encourage you to reach out to us today.

3 Benefits Gained by Working With Right Turn Recruiting

Trained, professional recruiters. Our team includes many individuals who have experience working in various positions in the trucking industry. We put this experience, along with our truck driver placement service that has been in place since 2009, to work for you!

A strong partnership. The most important aspect of our work is finding positions tailored specifically to each driver’s needs. This means we need to get to know our carriers closely. We learn all about you, what makes you tick, what you do differently, what benefits you offer, which equipment you use, and much more so we can perfectly match you to potential new hires.

Guaranteed advertising dollars. We know advertising is expensive. And any money you throw at newspapers, recruiting websites, online ads and much more does not necessarily guarantee you will get qualified candidates. With us, you pay absolutely nothing until you get exactly what you want: a qualified truck driver who shows up to orientation, passes the road test, physically gets into a truck and makes that first delivery


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We are discerning about which carriers we work with. We choose only highly reputable companies, big and small, who will make for a positive employment experience for the drivers who call us. If you believe your trucking company fits this bill, contact us. You can reach our Account Manager Kyle at 855.794.2395 or contact us online.